Trax Play GPS tracker

by Trax
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Trax Play is a smart, small and powerful GPS tracker that works with an innovative app. Trax Play offers a user-friendly solution for real-time positioning so you can keep track of your family, pets or what is most precious to you! Trax Play keeps you updated the whole time.

Meet the world’s smallest & lightest live GPS Tracker

With a size of only 2.2″ x 1.5″ x 0.4″ (55 x 38 x 10 mm), it's incredible that this little device can listen to multiple satellites and send its position, speed and direction through the cellular network directly to your App.

Keep your Children safe

Children are the most precious and valuable people in a parents life. No parent imagines losing sight of their child – until it happens. Even if you lose your child for just a short moment, you have likely experienced that terrifying feeling of extreme panic. Get peace of mind with the Mini GPS device, Trax Play. Whether you are unsure if a family member has left school on time, made it to the bus, arrived home, or if they have just wandered out of sight – Trax Play keeps you updated in real time.

Teenage driver

Statistics show that 16-year-old drivers have higher crash rates than drivers of any other age. Are you afraid your teen is driving too fast or going outside the areas you agreed on? Stop worrying and give yourself peace of mind with a mini Trax GPS tracker! You can monitor your teen’s location and speed by setting a Safezone and a speed limit for your teen’s tracker and get an instant alert if those are exceeded.

Pet lovers

Never lose your pet again! Would you like your four-legged family members to have the freedom to wander outside? Whether you own an adventurous cat or an active and energetic dog – with the help of the mini GPS tracker, Trax Play, you can see your pet’s current location – in real time. If your dog goes to daycare you can also see how much they are getting walked each day.

GPS Locator for the Elderly

Many of our elderly loved ones suffer from disorienting diseases like Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Family members with dementia have a tendency to “wander off”, which can bring them into dangerous situations, a challenge that most caregivers need to face on a daily basis. In that case a mini GPS tracker becomes an invaluable security device for the senior and their ever-concerned relatives and caregivers. With Trax Play GPS tracker you can forget about the worries of losing your elderly relatives. Gain peace of mind and keep your loved ones safe and secure!

People with special needs

The tendency of individuals with Autism, Down syndrome and other special needs to wander away by themselves on a regular basis  puts them at risk of trauma, injury, or worse! It is important to be able to locate your kids very quickly if you suspected they were lost. Trax Play mini GPS tracking device helps you locate your special needs relatives and the people you take care of – anytime!

Sports and activities

Are you an active person who loves sports and outside activities? Whether you are a fan of biking, motorcycling, climbing, hiking, skiing or other type of active sports, enjoy your ride and feel safe by having a mini GPS tracker with you. Your family or coach will get an alert if anything happens to you. Afraid to lose your bike or motorbike and want to know its location all the time? Secure your bike or motorbike by attaching a Trax GPS tracker to it to monitor the location of your equipment in real time!

Locate your field workers and your equipment

Do you own a small business and have several workers out in the field every day, including vehicles or other equipment?  Trax GPS trackers allow entrepreneurs to make the best use of assets and as a result reduce costs and improve safety and productivity of their field staff and drivers. If you don’t want to invest into an expensive fleet managment system, then Trax mini GPS tracker is the solution for you! Monitor your vehicle locations and speed in the mobile app or through the web application.



1 year manufacturer warranty

Return accepted only for manufacturer defect.

**Goods sold are not refundable

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